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How to unlock every single skin in is one of Voodoo’s most popular iOS and Android games of all time, and has spawned a legion of spin-offs, such as Idle Hole and Blocksbuster, as well as a myriad of clones.

Your goal in this game is to eat as much of the territory on the map as you can, to get a high score faster than the other players, and to knock them out by swallowing their holes, as well. You have multiple game modes and multiple maps that you can play in, each of which comes with its own unique challenges.

There are a ton of skins in First off, you have the various colored versions of the original hole, which are free to play right away. You don’t have to do anything to unlock them.

After that, you have entirely different hole designs. That’s what this article focuses on; what to do in order to unlock every one of the holes in the game. We have all of the answers.

Read on for tips on how to unlock every single skin in!

Complete Guides:

Heart Skin: Play Again Tomorrow (play the game for two days in a row)

Fidget Spinner Skin: Play the game for seven days in a row. If you miss a day, you have to start over again. You have to start and complete one game per day, minimum. You can’t just log on.

Mouse Skin: Eat 75 buildings in classic mode, all in one game. The best way to do this is to get huge and then eat the crowds of small buildings. The urban apartment complexes work very well here.

Giant Worm Mouth Skin: Eat 50 cars in classic mode. Easy to do, just camp out in an intersection or raid the parking lots around the city.

Shark Skin: Eat 100 people in classic mode. An easy score here is to find the hordes of people doing yoga, or the big groups of people walking down the street. You’ll get a shot at swallowing a ton of ‘em here.

Whale Skin: Eat 15 cops in classic mode. The city map, of course, is by far the easiest place to do this.

Godzilla Skin: Finish a classic-mode game in first place. Doesn’t matter what your score is, as long as it’s the highest out of all the players on the level.

Cauldron Skin: Score 1,000 points in a single game in classic mode.

Cloud/Rainbow Skin: Score 2,000 points in a single game in classic mode.

Black Hole Skin: Kill ten holes in classic mode in a single game. An easy way to do this is to make it to first place and then set your sights on targeting and eating everyone else, especially the smallest of the holes. And start early, too.

Pig Skin: Reach the maximum size three times in classic mode. Typically this happens when you score around 1,250 points or so. But try for as high of a score as absolutely possible for a better shot at making this happen.

Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the silver rank (this is level 3)

Golden Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the gold rank (this is level 6)

Black Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the diamond rank (this is level 9)

Bat Skin: Reach the Platinum rank (this is level 12)

Devil Bat Skin: Reach the Master Rank (this happens at level 15) (For tips, use the Rank Up Guide)

Volcano Crater Skin: Reach the Last Rank (this is level 17). Once you get to this rank, it won’t be possible to gain anymore levels in

Rabbit Skin: Zoo Escape (eat any unusual animal 12 times in total – not 12 times in the same game). The zoo animals appear at fairly random points throughout the level. The city map is the best place to complete the Zoo Escape task as it contains the most zoo animals.

Zombie Skin: Be a serial killer (rack up an extremely high amount of total kills). This refers to kills throughout the whole time that you have the game, not just a lot of kills in one single round. Although that does definitely help too, of course.

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Frog Skin: One For Hole, Hole In One (play as all other skins in this game to unlock this skin) (For tips, use the Classic, Battle, and Solo Modes Guide)

Note that it isn’t enough just to unlock the skins. You have to play as every single one of them at least once in order to get One For Hole, Hole In One. The exception is the holiday skins as they are a limited time thing.

Holiday Skins:

Each set of holiday skins is pushed out via an update to the game. When the holiday is over, the next update will take away the skins. So if you are working on a set of skins, the holiday passes, and a new update comes out, hold off on updating until you get the new skins. When the skins are unlocked, then you can update the game.

Also note that these skins are only available for a limited time. Once you unlock them, then you can use them forever. But once they go away, the ones that you haven’t unlocked will disappear.

Halloween Skins:

Creature from the Black Lagoon skin: Eat 50 ghosts in classic mode to unlock this.

Frankenstein skin: Eat 75 zombies in classic mode to unlock this skin.

Dracula skin: Eat 120 pumpkins in classic mode to unlock this skin.

Mummy skin: eat 200 tombstones in classic mode to get this skin.

Thanksgiving skins:

No Thanksgiving skins have been released yet. Be sure to check back as we will have all of the info when the new skins come out.

Christmas Skins:

No Christmas skins have been released yet. Be sure to check back as we will have all of the info when the new skins come out.

Valentine’s Day Skins:

No Valentine’s Day Skins have been released yet. Be sure to check back as we will have all of the info when the new skins come out.