Hole.io – Skins Guide: How to unlock all secret skins

Hole.io is the most popular game on the App Store and Google Play stores right now, and it’s easy to see why, as it’s addicting to try to beat other holes for the highest possible score, and to try to eat the entire map.

It used to be that there were not that many skins in the game, and they all looked the same but with a different exterior color, but an update has added all-new skin designs that can be unlocked by completing various tasks in the game.

Read on for tips on how to unlock every single skin in Hole.io! (See also: Hole.io tips, tricks, cheats, and strategy guide and Hole.io high score guide)

Heart Skin: Play Again Tomorrow (play the game for two days in a row)
Fidget Spinner Skin: Play the game for seven days in a row. If you miss a day, you have to start over again.
Mouse Skin: Eat 75 buildings in classic mode, all in one game. The best way to do this is to get huge and then eat the crowds of small buildings.

Giant Worm Mouth Skin: Eat 50 cars in classic mode. Easy to do, just camp out in an intersection or raid the parking lots around the city.
Shark Skin: Eat 100 people in classic mode.
Whale Skin: Eat 15 cops in classic mode.

Godzilla Skin: Finish a classic-mode game in first place. Doesn’t matter what your score is, as long as it’s the highest.
Cauldron Skin: Score 1,000 points in a single game in classic mode.
Cloud/Rainbow Skin: Score 2,000 points in a single game in classic mode.

Black Hole Skin: Kill ten holes in classic mode in a single game.
Pig Skin: Reach the maximum size three times in classic mode. Typically this happens when you score around 1,250 points or so.
Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the silver rank (this is level 3)

Golden Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the gold rank (this is level 6)
Black Cat Skin: Level up until you reach the diamond rank (this is level 9)
Bat Skin: Reach the Platinum rank (this is level 12)

Devil Bat Skin: Reach the Master Rank (this happens at level 15) (For tips, use the Hole.io Rank Up Guide)
Volcano Crater Skin: Reach the Last Rank (this is level 17)
Rabbit Skin: Zoo Escape (eat any unusual animal 12 times in total – not 12 times in the same game)

Zombie Skin: Be a serial killer (rack up an extremely high amount of total kills)
Frog Skin: One For Hole, Hole In One (play as all other skins in this game to unlock this skin) (For tips, use the Hole.io Classic, Battle, and Solo Modes Guide)

Holiday Skins: Click here for the info on the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day skins.