Skip to Content Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide is Voodoo’s latest .io game after the smash success of their game. is similar in that you have to eat/destroy as much land as possible within a limited amount of time, but you can do far more damage as a tornado than you ever could as a hole. You can unlock new skins and compete for high scores, including scores of 30,000 points or more. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

At the beginning, as a small tornado, there are only a few things you will be able to eat. People and street lights are an example, but by far the highest point-getters of any potential food are trees. All trees (except for the evergreens) are edible from the beginning, and there are plenty of forests, so go into the forests, waste the trees, and watch yourself gain multiple sizes.

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In the slime hunt mode, the method of play is the same, except that your main goal is to hunt down all of the slimes. If you see a green slime, eat it, but if you see a red slime, it can eat you. As you grow, red slimes will turn green, meaning that you can finally eat them. You can still eat the surrounding scenery as usual in order to grow bigger, so do that just like in the classic mode.

Solo mode is arguably the hardest mode to rank up in. Your goal here is to eat as close to 100% of the scenery as possible, but there is such as sheer quantity of scenery that it’s nearly impossible to do that. That’s why your maximum possible experience points to earn on solo mode is 100 stars in a single round, though, as opposed to the 20 star maximum on the classic mode.

There are a large number of skins in the game, which can be earned by completing various actions. All of the skins play exactly the same way, they just have a different appearance and are purely for customization purposes. Some designs can be more distracting than others, though, which in practice can make a difference in performance.

You have three different maps that load up that you can play on: The rural/fantasy area, the city, and the industrial area. The rural area contains a castle, a crystal farm, farms, and a number of other goodies. The industrial area includes a construction site, a military base, and an airport. Use the solo layout to get the hang of each area so that you can figure out where to go, and in what order.