War of Nations – Attack Guide, Part 2: More on how to earn attack points, capture and destroy bases

By | 20130715

Welcome to part 2 of the War of Nations attack guide, focused on how to earn attack points and demolish enemy bases! Click here to go to part 1 of the guide.

Now comes the meat and potatoes. In this game, you can pick and choose one enemy building to attack at a time. If you pick anything besides the Command Center, you can simply choose to attack it (which will then earn you resources if you hit a warehouse or a resource building, depending on what your troops’ total capacity is).

If you target a command center you will be able to choose either capture or destroy. The destruction or the capture will be successful if you are able to deflate all of the rival base’s morale. Each base has their own morale, as does each outpost, so take them one base at a time. The more attacks you launch, the more morale you destroy. In addition, each base regenerates at least 50% of its army immediately after being destroyed, so send multiple commanders and units over at the same time to maximize destruction.

Capturing a base requires the base amount of power cores, fusion cores or plasma cores that you would need in order to set up your next outpost. For example, if you have enough cores for five bases, and you only have four bases running, you can freely capture another one, but if you already have five bases, then all you can do is destroy or attack/loot another base.

The above rules also go for NPC bases and renegades, with one notable exception: after a battle, their entire army regenerates. Keep this in mind when deciding how to send troops. Don’t send armies that are too small or too prone to getting destroyed when you do send them.

Do you REALLY want to be able to loot a massive quantity of resources from other bases? Upgrade your factory and research building, and then research the Transporter. Send a bunch of Transporters with any other troops that you send out, because they have 80 capacity apiece, allowing them to rob massive amounts of resources from anyone you beat.

Oh, and finally, how are attack points calculated? Each troop has a “troop value” – after each battle, you will see how much troop value you and your opponent lost. You get one attack point for every one troop point that you cause an enemy to lose. This only works for other players, though, as you don’t earn attack points off of non player character battles or off of renegades.