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Crossing Void Global: Full Gacha Guide – Perfect Ten, Main, Support, Exchange, Impression, Fragment, and more!

Crossing Void Global, also known as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, has a more complex gacha system than most other gacha games. You can get C-class, B-class, A-class, and S-class characters through the gacha, and you have a good shot at earning them without spending any money, as well.

There are a number of different gacha, ranging from free ones to ones that you spend $10.00 for, but you can succeed whether or not you decide to spend any money. You can earn Gacha Points, and even unlock the Impression Weapon Gacha later on in the game.

Read on for a guide to all of the different gacha in Crossing Void Global, or Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void!

To start off, if you go to the Gacha menu, there are a number of them that you can select. Perfect Ten is the one that makes this game unique. You’re guaranteed at least one S-class character.

With this gacha, you can keep rerolling and rerolling for free until you get the ten-character combination that you want. You don’t have to purchase before you get your desired combination, and you can just refresh it for fun just to see what’s there if you don’t plan to spend at the moment.

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There are three normal gacha that you can spin using gacha tickets, which are commonly won through stories, quests, challenges, and other areas. One is the Main gacha, which earns you main characters. One is the Support gacha, which earns you exclusively support characters. One is the normal gacha, which can earn you both.

Which one of the three you should use depends on what you need most at the time. If you are stacked with strong support characters but need better main characters, then start spinning the main Gacha. If you are stacked with main characters but you need some stronger support characters, then pick the support Gacha. If you need equal amounts of both, then spin the normal gacha or the limited gacha.

These three each contain characters, hues, and items. Each one has a guarantee of an A-class character within 9 tries or so, or an S-class character with a chance of between 1-2%. So spin these gacha often for extremely rare characters.

There are also chances of a dupe, or duplicate character, from these gacha. These have uses of their own, ranging from decomposing them into fragments (so that you can talent-shuffle the character that you already have) to using them as a backup in various challenge battles.

Once you start spinning one gacha, if you want to have a higher chance of getting the A-class or S-class character. Each gacha has a guarantee of earning you an S-character within 91 spins or less; it could be less than 91 spins, but generally, it won’t be.

This is true for the main, the support, the normal, AND the limited Gacha. So if you don’t have any real specific needs to address within your party and/or you want to try to get the rarest characters possible, go for the Limited Gacha. This requires a lot of Maigo, though, as Limited Gacha Tokens are rare.

If you run out of Gacha Vouchers, you can spend Maigo in order to spin the gacha. Each spin of one of the above three costs 150 Maigo, so choose wisely.

Tap on the middle picture in the main menu for the limited gacha. This one opens up occasionally, whenever a special event of some kind is going on, and normal Gacha Vouchers will not work here. You need to use Limited Gacha Vouchers, although you can spend 150 Maigo just like with the other standard Gachas.

Limited Gacha Vouchers are extremely rare to the point where none of them have been given out by the developers anywhere yet. If you want to get one, expect your best bet to be as part of a limited time event, or as compensation for some sort of server outage or other technical difficulty.

The Impression Gacha is an endgame-level gacha, opening up at level 45. Once you get this one, you’ll get to spin for non-limited Impression Weapons. There are no Limited Impression Weapons, at least not yet.

Impression Weapons are a type of equipment that gives you a new skill or a passive battle boost when you unlock and equip them, and can be upgraded in similar ways to the rest of your equipment. Not only can the Impression Gacha earn you more Impression Weapons, it can also earn you more upgrade equipment.

To the bottom left of the screen is the Fragment Gacha. This unlocks at level 30, and requires fragments in order to use. You’ll be able to trade 10 fragments for 1 random C, B, or A-class character.

Hit the Exchange gacha to purchase a specific character using Gacha Points. To get Gacha Points, take spins at the three semi-free/Maigo Gachas (Normal, Main, or Support) to get Gacha Points with every spin.

Once you do enough spins, hit the exchange and pick a character that you want to purchase. They typically cost between 1,800 and 3,600 Gacha Points, but all of them are extremely rare, S-class characters, or new hues for said characters.

So not only can you get S-characters through the free gachas without having to spend any money, but you can get them through the Exchange store, as well. They cost quite a bit, but they’re worth it, and with all of the Gacha Vouchers that you get from level packs, events, missions, and quests, it’s doable even for the casual player.


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